Circulation is Paul Davis and Matt Jackson. The British house duo released their first Circulation recording under the eponymous label in 1998, and have released two critically acclaimed albums.

From the BBC dance review site, by Andrew McGregor:

Since they formed in the mid-nineties, Circulation seem to have become one of those dance outfits that seem to do no wrong. Their music which ranges from sinewy techno and twisted tech-house to disco-influenced tunes and trippy ambience (sometimes all in the same record) has gained support by a dazzling range of DJ luminaries, from Sasha and Digweed to Lawler and Howells ... [in Colours Two] we are reminded exactly what Circulation excel at: creating driven beatscapes and decorating them with thin, surrealist veils of electronica until the balance is utterly compelling. Their rhythmic beef tugs persistenly at your feet while at the same time the veiny, psychedelic swirls massage your head; before you realise it you're in deep, sucked into a state of ecstatic reverie.